Who We Are

Wisdom in every seed

Wisdom Seeds breeds, produces and markets hybrid varieties of tomatoes, peppers, melons, watermelons and zucchinis for different and diverse regions and farming systems throughout the world.

Our pursuit of excellence and our vast experienced team ensures that we will go this “extra step” to deliver the best quality products.

The power of our in-house genetics

Our varieties combine decades of research, tradition and experience showing at diverse regions adaptability, quality and innovation.

The breeding programs focus on the development of high performing hybrids that excel in yield, disease tolerances and vigor.

We use traditional breeding techniques together with state of the art advanced molecular genetic markers to create superior lines and varieties.

Breeding for your needs

In an increasingly dynamic and demanding world, Wisdom Seeds invests efforts in understanding the needs and requirements of every region.

Based on this information periodically updated we modify our breeding programs to deliver solutions to most growers' needs.